‘Let It Be’ Necklace

October 30, 2014

I saw a pin on pinterest on how to make your own necklace.

I was inspired to try and create my own jewelry and it turned out pretty neat!


I will walk you through what I did to create this necklace and you will not believe how easy it is!




You’ll need:


  • Square Pendant Bezel (I used My Jewelry Shoppe brand from Hobby Lobby)
  • Package of clear square inserts for the Bezel (My Jewelry Shoppe)
  • Necklace chain
  • Something to put into the necklace
  • Glue (Make sure it’s clear and acid-free when using photos)



First thing, figure out what you want in the necklace. I decided to type up the words “Let It Be” and added some hummingbird clipart. You can use book pages, photos, whatever!




Then, I placed the clear square insert onto the paper and traced it with a pencil.




Next, I cut out the paper and placed it into the Pendant Bezel.




Then, I spread a thin layer of glue on paper and the pendant bezel piece, then placed the clear square insert into the pendant bezel. I didn’t realize my glue was white when wet but dries clear; so, I would recommend finding a clear glue to work with.




Just let it set overnight and you are done!





An Easy Clothespin Wreath

October 20, 2014

I had previously written a tutorial on my clothespin on an old site but since it is no longer active, I thought it would be best to get it on here.



What you’ll need:

  • Clothespins
  • Metal wire wreath


Place one clothespin on the most inner ring of the wreath. Like so…


Then place the second clothespin next to it but on the next ring…


Now, place the next clothespin on the most inner ring again…


And repeat…


That’s it! Super easy and cheap! If you want something with more color or personality you can always paint the wire wreath or the clothespins, add ribbons, etc.

Now, just hang it up and enjoy!


Happy Crafting!


Painting Mason Jars for Fall

October 13, 2014

Fall is here and the leaves are changing… Time for a Fall inspired craft!

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Initial Picture Frame

March 22, 2013

I have tons of picture frames and I am always trying to figure out what to do with them. We don’t have kids yet so putting random pictures around the house of just us seems a little conceited and over bearing. I seen this idea and thought I would give it a try.

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Whatever…I’m Late Anyways Clock

February 15, 2013

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No Sew Pillow

February 8, 2013

Love, love, love this idea! Remember the spare bedroom I was talking to you about before? I made this pillow to go on the bed and it is super easy! It really is a no sew pillow! What you will need: old pillow of your choice fabric I had extra fabric left from the bed […]

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Bed Skirt

February 1, 2013

I don’t really remember how we came up with this idea but I love it! I know were originally planning on having the entire bottom made from the chevron material. Luckily for my husband we didn’t have enough. He is not a big fan of the chevron. Good thing this is the spare bedroom. 🙂 […]

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No Sew Curtains

January 18, 2013

We have a guest room upstairs that I have been wanting to do something with for a while. Well, I finally did with the help of my mom. While we were at Hobby Lobby one day we came across chevron fabric For another nails pharmacy puerto rico buying it migrated abilifyincanadasearch Original an lotions: http://audioconnecta.com/zjimp/dating-in-corning-ny.php […]

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DIY Christmas Sign/Banner

December 11, 2012

So I have been seeing these Christmas banners everywhere. I think they are really cute and one would look perfect on my mantel or even over my doorway. I just couldn’t see spending the money on them when I knew I could make them. What you will need: white and brown card stock stamp ink […]

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Cute Snowman

December 10, 2012

I love this guy! Doesn’t he just work perfect for the mantel during Christmas! I first saw the idea to make the snowman here. I made mine a little bit bigger so it could fit on my mantel. What you need: white yarn 20 gauge wire 4 buttons burlap hot glue gun The first step […]

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